Kirk Cousins | Draft Breakdown

Kirk Cousins

Position QB School Michigan State
Height 6' 2 5/8" Weight 214 lbs
Class RS Senior Number
All-Star Senior Bowl 40 Time ---

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Touch thrower who has an over the top release.  Shows ability to alter release point, however, his velocity and ball placement diminish when doing so.  Release is neither exceptionally fast or slow.  Can be prone to double clutching and patting the ball when waiting for a receiver to come open.


Isn’t overly elusive or mobile, however, he’s not a statue, either.  Quick twitch athlete who plays on his toes.  Can have the pocket moved on waggles, however, it’s probably not the best use of his skills.  Will turn to get his lead foot and shoulder towards the target when rolling left, provided he has the time and space to do so. Tendency to switch between a traditional crossover dropback and a backpedal dropback. Does not have the strength or elusiveness to break free of defenders’ grasps in the pocket.

Arm Strength

Does not generate much velocity on intermediate and deep routes and doesn’t show the ability to make crease throws. However, he has enough baseline arm strength to make basic NFL throws. Has to be able to plant and gather and throw in rhythm, or else his velocity greatly decreases. Showed difficulty driving the ball in windy conditions vs Michigan in 2011.


Good, but not great accuracy.  Throws to the seam with good touch.  Struggles leading receivers in the horizontal passing game, often throwing behind them.  Receivers excelled at making adjustments and gaining yardage after catch.  Puts the ball in play and gives his pass catchers a chance.  Accuracy declines greatly when forced to move or reset his feet.


Due to offensive system, displays relatively good understanding of some basic NFL pass concepts.  Trusts his system and the players around him to make plays.  Tendency to stare targets down, especially off of play-action.  Is not wholly aware of his physical limitations – attempts throws off back foot, without having his feet set, etc.  Isn’t natural at climbing the pocket, inclined to drift backwards or scramble into pressure.  Becomes very uncomfortable and erratic when he feels his space is threatened (especially blitzes off the right edge that he can see): will drift, roll into pressure, throw off his back foot, or make throws into coverage.