Marvin Jones

Position WR School California
Height 6' 1 7/8" Weight 199 lbs
Class Senior Number
All-Star Senior Bowl 40 Time ---



Jones plays faster than he times because of good short area burst. He has strong hands, is a very good route runner, and knows how to beat coverage. The knock on Jones is that he isn’t much of a big play threat. He should make for a nice #2 or complementary receiver in the NFL.


Jones is a long and lean WR who runs very fluid routes. He sets up corners well and uses technique to get beat the press and get open. Jones is able to come out of breaks well and has outstanding body control when going for the catch. Jones plucks the ball out of the air with reliable hands, and is comfortable making catches in traffic or with a defender on him. He shows the ability to box out defenders and to find open spaces in zone coverage. Jones has great awareness.


Jones isn’t a very dynamic or explosive athlete. While he’s smooth while running with the ball in his hands, he isn’t going to make a lot of plays after the catch. Jones also appears to be limited vertically. He doesn’t gain much separation deep, and his deep routes aren’t nearly as fluid.