Michael Floyd

Position WR School Notre Dame
Height 6' 2 5/8" Weight 220 lbs
Class Senior Number
All-Star --- 40 Time ---


At just under 6’3″ and 220 pounds, Floyd has good NFL size, with a thick, well proportioned build. He impressed at the combine by being timed at 4.47 in the 40, but, on the field, he doesn’t play quite that fast, and looks more like a 4.55 player; however, he clearly has the ability to get behind defenders and challenge the deep third. He was moved all over the offensive formation at Notre Dame, and has the size and skill set to play outside as a number one receiver, as well as the scheme versatility to thrive in a vertical passing or west coast system. Floyd was involved in three alcohol related incidents between 2009 and June 2011, and as a result, has been one of the most heavily scrutinized players, character wise, in this year’s draft class. His talent is undeniable, and, assuming teams are comfortable with the off-field concerns, he should be a top fifteen selection.


Floyd isn’t a quick-twitch athlete, but he has a good first step off the line, and can beat tight press coverage with a combination of strength and quickness. He cleanly gets in and out of breaks, and uses his body well to gain position and shield defenders from the pass. He snaps his head around quickly and tracks the ball well downfield. Floyd possesses long arms and makes plays off his frame, and demonstrates plus leaping ability and body control. He’s adept at high-pointing the ball, even versus big cornerbacks, and is a versatile redzone threat, capable of scoring on multiple patterns, but predominantly, hard slants or fades. Floyd has the ability and willingness to go across the middle, and is effective in tight spaces, with the talent to make the difficult catch in traffic. Post-catch, he’s explosive, and runs with power, with the ability to break off a long gainer.


Athletically, Floyd displays an overall lack of fluidity, with tight hips and below average lateral burst. He has a tendency to round off patterns, and, on vertical routes, lacks the extra gear to separate late. He’s not elusive in the open field, nor explosive coming out of breaks in the three step game. Floyd possesses the size to be a good blocker, and understands positioning and leverage, but he doesn’t put forth a consistent effort, either play to play, or game to game. And, questions linger about his attitude and overall commitment, stemming from multiple off-field incidents and subsequent suspension from the team in early 2011.