Post Senior Bowl Mock Draft Feb. 4th

Written by Gil Alcaraz IV on February 4, 2011

17. New England Patriots (from Oakland) New England Patriots

JJ WattJJ Watt – DE – Wisconsin

The Patriots’ no-name defense continues to shine every year and 2011 should be no different. Watt is a great pass-rusher who lives in offenses’ backfields and will add another dominant defensive lineman to New England’s repertoire. He may just have an impact similar to McCourty’s in 2010.

18. San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers

Aldon SmithAldon Smith – DE – Missouri

After the loss of Shawne Merriman, the Chargers struggled to find a consistent outside linebacker to lineup across from Shaun Phillips. Smith is an outstanding player who is strong enough to play either defensive end or linebacker, and should be an immediate contributor down in San Diego.

19. New York Giants New York Giants

Anthony CastonzoAnthony Castonzo – OT – Boston College

The Giants need an upgrade in blocking to help their stable of running backs find holes while keeping Eli Manning on his feet. Injuries kept several glaring holes open during the 2010 season and more depth is needed. Castonzo can be an instant help and should turn into a great starter in the near future.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Justin HoustonJustin Houston – OLB – Georgia

The Tampa defense lately has started to finally look like the Tampa defense of old, and a few more key players could finally bring the Buccaneers back to their glory days. Houston is an outstanding linebacker whose potential still has yet to be fully unleashed, and he should make a great addition for the Bucs.

21. Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs

Tyron SmithTyron Smith – OT – USC

Despite an outstanding and rather surprising year for the Chiefs’ offense, the offensive line could still use some work. Cassel could use a little extra time in the pocket to throw to players other than Bowe, and a player like Smith could be just what the doctor ordered in Kansas City.

22. Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts

Stephen PaeaStephen Paea – DT – Oregon State

The Colts pass-rush is exceptional with two speedy defensive ends in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. The run defense, however, is subpar due to that same fact. To counter-act their size, they need someone like Paea who can step in and make life difficult when opposing offenses try to run the ball.

23. Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles

Rodney HudsonRodney Hudson – OL – Florida State

With talent like electrifying Michael Vick and unheralded LeSean McCoy in the backfield, there were too many disappointing offensive outings for the Eagles in 2010. Part of that was due to poor blocking up front, and adding a blocker like Hudson could make a big difference in how effective those players are.

24. New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints

Cameron HeywardCameron Heyward – DL – Ohio State

The Saints need some help on their defensive line. Whether it’s collapsing the pocket or not giving the running backs anywhere to run, more consistent play is needed, and Heyward could be the answer. He has his own consistency issues, but OSU alum Will Smith worked for the Saints, so he should too.

25. Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks

Derek SherrodDerek Sherrod – OT – Mississippi State

The options seem to be a little limited at this point for the Seahawks, who still need a lot of help with protecting whoever is back at quarterback. With no clear winner, they will most likely add Sherrod to the mix because of his upside, along with great size and strength.

26. Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens

Torrey SmithTorrey Smith – WR – Maryland

For all of the hype around the Ravens’ improved receiver corps before the season, 2010 was a rather disappointing year for Anquan Boldin and crew. Quarterback Joe Flacco still needs more weapons, and Smith could add an explosive element to the offense that they have lacked for the past few years.

27. Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons

Kyle RudolphKyle Rudolph – TE – Notre Dame

It seems like Tony Gonzalez’ career is all but over, and the Falcons need to find another tight end that can stretch the field and suck in defenders to open up wide receiver Roddy White. Rudolph is a phenomenal athlete whose athleticism will bring an instant impact if he can stay healthy and injury-free.

28. New England Patriots New England Patriots

Mark IngramMark Ingram – RB – Alabama

Even with a promising running back in BenJarvis Green-Ellis in the backfield, the Patriots still need a true every-down running back who can get the job done. Ingram proved that he can be that type of player and more at Alabama, and he should be just as great in New England if he can stay healthy.

29. Chicago Bears Chicago Bears

Ben IjalanaBen Ijalana – OL – Villanova

Jay Cutler must be begging the Bears to help keep him on his feet at this point. The pass-blocking was weak at best in 2010, and the offensive line needs upgrades in a big hurry. Ijalana is a big boom-bust prospect, but has great pass-blocking skills and could end up being a great pick up for Chicago.

30. New York Jets New York Jets

Phil TaylorPhil Taylor – DT – Baylor

The Jets have the almost perfect defense… Great defensive backs, an outstanding group of linebackers, and solid defensive ends. With Kris Jenkins constantly out due to injury, the Jets need a more consistent nose tackle and Taylor looks like just the candidate to plug up the middle and make a mess for offenses.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike PounceyMike Pouncey – OG – Florida

Despite taking Pouncey’s big brother Maurkice in the first-round last year, the Steelers’ line still needs more help if the offense hopes to run at optimum strength. Mike fits well into the Pittsburgh offensive scheme and some brotherly bonding could definitely bring some unity to that offensive line.

32. Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers

Akeem AyersAkeem Ayers – OLB – UCLA

The Packers’ defense was phenomenal in 2010, and with an extra pass-rushing outside linebacker joining the group, could be one of the most feared defenses in league history. Ayers has a lot to prove in the NFL. However, he has the potential to be scary good with Clay Matthews as his partner in crime.

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