Report from West Virginia Pro Day

Written by Rob Engle on March 21, 2010


By our count, there were 9 teams represented at the 2010 West Virginia pro day: the Steelers, Seahawks, Saints, Eagles, Texans, Browns, Panthers, Ravens and Vikings were all in attendance but there were also several unidentified scouts as well. The Browns sent three scouts to the pro day which might mean that the have considerable interest in a prospect that was there.

The players that participated were OT Selvish Capers, WR’s Alric Arnett and Wes Lyons, QB Jarrett Brown, LB Ovid Goulbourne, CB’s Guesly Dervil, Kent Richardson, Nate Sowers, and Anthony Wood, and Punter Scott Kozlowski.

There weren’t any big name scouts or coaches in attendance but there were still some impressive performances.

WR Wes Lyons was the biggest surprise. At 6’8″ 231 pounds Wes is a mountain of a wideout. I clocked his 40 times at 4.61 and 4.67 and his short shuttle at 4.12 and 4.19 which shows great COD skills. The most impressive thing about him was how so he could be the perfect Go-route WR. Some of his other routes were a little rounded off but not terrible. His agent told me that before the workout he was measured to have 36″ arms and a 41.5″ vertical jump.

Alric Arnett started the session in a great way by running 40 times of 4.42 and 4.51 seconds, but his hands didn’t impress. He dropped several balls and the ones he did catch made a loud echoing sound.

CB Kent Richardson is a bit of an unknown but he certainly impressed everyone in attendance. He clocked in at 4.47 two times and looked extremely fluid in all of the positional drills. He’s someone that I would like to go back and look at the tape some more because he covered a lot of ground and showed exceptional range.

LB Ovid Goulbourne is an undersized prospect, but he showed a lot of hustle during positional drills and also snagged a couple nice passes. He timed a 4.51 and a 4.56 and the 40, both excellent times for a LB. The Baltimore Ravens scout spent several minutes speaking with Goulbourne after the Pro Day was over.

The most high-profile prospect there, QB Jarrett Brown, didn’t participate in any of the running drills, sitting on his numbers from the combine. He did look very accurate when throwing to Lyons and Arnett though and spent several minutes speaking with a Texans scout. Brown also indicated that he has private workouts scheduled with the Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills in the coming weeks.

Finally, OT Selvish Capers looked very athletic all day. He ran a 5.08 and a 5.10 in the 40 and showed some very quick feet in the positional drills. The Steelers scout that was putting him through those positional drills had him pulling and trapping because there have been doubts about his ability to play tackle at the next level. He didn’t look very natural doing it, but that’s probably do to lack of experience.

West Virginia Pro Day Video


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