Scouting Notes: Dominique Easley vs Miami

Written by Jeremy Hyde on September 11, 2013

Dominique Easley vs. Miami – 9/7/13 — Scouting Notes

1st Half
– Fires off the snap low, getting his hands into the pads of the guard, who uses his momentum to steer him away from the ball carrier.

– Hesitates slightly off the snap, enabling the guard to establish position and gain leverage advantage with good hand placement, neutralizing Easley on run off left tackle.

– Combines explosive get-off and quick hands to put the center on skates. Misses diving attempt at the quarterback, and is flagged for roughing the passer on his second effort.

– Beats the center off the snap, forcing him to reset his feet and anchor.

– Displays his elite first step before being halted by a double-team block.

– Blows by the inside shoulder of the left tackle to gain penetration. Powers through a hold by the left tackle and a chip by the pulling right guard to disrupt the run.

– Penetrates the backfield and blows up the halfback for a loss.

– Crosses the left guard’s face from the 1-technique to the B-gap, drawing a holding call before forcing a hurried throw.

– Draws a holding call on the left tackle after bull-rushing him into the backfield, forcing the quarterback out of the pocket.

Easley Bull Rush

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