Scouting Notes: Dominique Easley vs Miami

Written by Jeremy Hyde on September 11, 2013

Dominique Easley vs. Miami – 9/7/13 — Scouting Notes

2nd Half
– Beats the right tackle to the hole left by the pulling guard. Works through traffic to get a hand on the halfback in the backfield, where fellow Gators defenders converge for the tackle.

– Delivers a pop to startle the left guard, who is anticipating the blitz. Splits the A-gap and reaches the quarterback, who is then sacked by a blitzing linebacker.

– Beats the guard to the spot, maintaining position and keeping his outside shoulder free as he follows the run down the line of scrimmage.

– Gets pressure with a second effort, effectively using his hands to get under the guard’s pads, driving him backward to collapse the pocket.

– Lined up at the 3-technique, crosses the center’s face before exploding into the backfield to meet the blitzing safety at the football.

Easley 2
– Controlled by the left tackle, whose length enables him to outreach Easley and lock him out of the play.

– Puts the center on skates, using natural leverage to drive him into the backfield.

– Beats the left guard to the A-gap and is taken down as he penetrates the backfield, the guard getting away with a hold on the play.

– Is late to locate the football in a short-yardage situation, and unable to get off his blocker as the running back runs right by him for the first down.

Draws a holding call as the left tackle tries to steer his penetration away from the running lane.

– Quick to react to the reverse, but slow to change directions.

– Lines up at 5-technique, allows the right tackle to initiate contact and is stoned on the edge.

– Great second effort as he spins off the block by the right guard to avoid being driven off the ball.

– Gets good leverage off the snap and flashes violent hands as he tries to rip his way toward the quarterback.

– Explodes off the snap, fights through a hold by the right tackle after a nice spin move before making his way toward the quarterback.

Video of Easley vs Miami courtesy of Adrian Ahufinger

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