Scouting Report: Dez Bryant

Written by Will Spencer on April 14, 2010

Dez Bryant

Position: WR School: Oklahoma State
Height: 6’2″ Weight: 225 lbs
Class: Junior 40 time: 4.52

Overall Grade:


Draft Projection:

First Round

Non-position specific categories


Max. Value


Height/Weight 6 5.5
Speed 8 6.5
Quickness/Agility 10 8.5
Strength/Explosion 10 9
Athletic Ability 8 8
Durability 8 8
Character 6 3.5
Production/Experience 6 5
Toughness 8 8
Potential 10 10

Wide Receiver Specific Categories


Max. Value


Route Running 10 7.5
Hands 10 9.5
Blocking 4 2
Short Routes 8 7
Deep Routes 8 7
Elusiveness/YAC 8 7.5

Explanation of Player Grading System


An absolute play maker at the wide receiver position. Does a great job going up and getting the ball at it’s highest point. Good body control. Will get physical and fight for the ball in the air with the defender. Big, physical guy that is hard for corners to push around and tackle. Very good after the catch, especially for a bigger wide receiver. Quicker on tape than his straight line speed indicates, but fast enough to stretch the field. There’s not an area of the field that Bryant can’t successfully work. Isn’t afraid of contact and doesn’t get alligator arms when catching in traffic. Tracks the ball well while in the air. Displays good balance when changing directions. Ideal bulk and frame. Solid punt returner.


Not a polished route runner by any means, as are most spread offense wide receivers. Though his hands are reliable, he’s dropped his share of passes he wishes he could have back. For a big guy, he’s not as good of a downfield blocker as you’d like to see and he sometimes seems disinterested when the play doesn’t involve him. Has some character/maturity concerns and was suspended for most of his junior season. Because of that, Bryant has only seen 19 career starts and has only played in a total of 28 games.


Dez Bryant is a very solid wide receiver that may see a bit of a fall on draft day due to some off-field issues. Dez was suspended for most of the 2009 season after he lied to the NCAA about his relationship with former NFL player Deion Sanders. There are also concerns about his maturity which may have stemmed from a tough upbringing, according to various sources. He’s not a polished route runner, but neither was Michael Crabtree last year. His straight line speed isn’t impressive, but neither was Anquan Boldin’s. Overall, the character concerns regarding Bryant have been magnified a bit too much, partially because of problems with current NFL star wide receivers, Santonio Holmes and Brandon Marshall. All in all, Dez Bryant’s talent says top 10 pick. The off-field issues are what will make him slide, but he won’t fall far. If Bryant starts to fall on draft day, you should fully expect a team to trade up and grab him before he falls too far.


Bryant started 19 games for Oklahoma State.

Awards and Honors

2009: n/a
2008: 1st team All-American.
2007: 2nd team Freshman All-American.


Education major at Oklahoma State.

Off-field Issues

Bryant was suspended after three games during his junior season after lying to the NCAA about his relationship with former NFL player, Deion Sanders. There are also concerns with Bryant’s maturity.


No history of injuries.

Receiving Stats
Year Rec Yards Avg Long TD Rush Yards TD
2009 17 323 19.0 46 4 0 0 0
2008 87 1480 17.0 80 19 0 0 0
2007 43 622 14.5 39 6 2 16 0

Kick Return Stats
Year PR Yards TD FC Long KR Yards TD Long
2009 3 111 1 0 82 2 43 0 25
2008 20 305 2 2 78 4 100 0 33
2007 2 15 0 0 9 0 0 0 0

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