Scouting Report: Luke Stocker

Written by Gil Alcaraz IV on April 10, 2011

Luke Stocker


Position: TE School: Tennessee
Height: 6’4 3/4" Weight: 258 lbs
Class: RS-Senior 40 time: 4.79
All-Star Game: Senior Bowl Team Captain: No

Draft Projection:

Late 2nd – Early 3rd Round


Luke Stocker


With a prototypical tight end frame, great intelligence and work ethic, and an outstanding mix of skills, there’s no reason that Stocker can’t become a difference maker in the NFL. Although he never produced eye-popping numbers at Tennessee, an offense that relies heavily on the tight end in the passing game would be finding a real gem by drafting this guy. He has tremendous hands but hinders himself with poor route running. If he can work on his route running and blocking, he has what it takes to be a productive starter in the NFL. I project him to be a late second/early third round pick.



Stocker’s blocking still needs lots of work, although the potential to be a good blocker is there. He has decent strength and a good frame for blocking, but his technique is spotty at best. He doesn’t use his hands or strength to his advantage. At the point of attack, he doesn’t use his strength properly, attacks with a narrow base, and doesn’t get his hands inside. When blocking down field, he does a good job of using his athleticism to get in the way of defenders, but doesn’t do a good job of taking them completely out of the play. When in pass blocking, he noticeably struggled against speed pass rushers who beat him on the edge due in large part to his lack of strong footwork and hand placement.



Stocker is a terrific athlete who can go out and make a huge difference in the passing game from the tight end position. He uses his outstanding hands and big frame to pull down high passes and can contort his body to pull in inaccurate passes. When going up for the pass, he has an impressive disregard for his body, willing to lay out or open his body up to hits in order to haul in the ball. He does a good job of catching the ball its highest point and not allowing smaller defenders to be a part of the equation. His speed isn’t overly impressive, but his athleticism makes up for it. When going down the seam, he does a good job of going up and picking the ball out of the air without hesitation.


Luke Stocker

Route Running/Separation

Many of the routes that Stocker runs lack discipline. When running routes, he has a tendency to round his routes off and doesn’t have the speed to create separation, even against linebackers. He comes off of the line high and doesn’t have the explosiveness to easily get off of the press. When working his way down field, he runs upright and allows defenders to stay on his hip. He makes up for his lack of route running with his hands and size, but that may not be as easy to do in the NFL against elite defenders.


Red Zone Threat

His outstanding frame and height allows him to be a valuable threat down on the goal line. He has the size to box out for jump balls just a basketball player, also complimented by his impressive jumping abilities. When running shorts routes inside the end zone, he does a good job of finding holes in the defense and sitting down, giving the quarterback a big target to throw that. Mix all of that with terrific hands, and you have a prospect that can provide defenses with a headache down in the red zone.


Additional Information

Stocker is a character player. He played through numerous injuries and never missed a game during his four years on the field for the Volunteers. Whether he’s blocking or running with the ball, he plays with tenacity and is very tough no matter what player he’s lined up against. Even if he loses battles in the trenches, it isn’t due to a lack of effort. His numbers weren’t overly impressive during his time at Tennessee, but he wasn’t thrown to very much either. He can also fit onto a roster as an H-back.


Luke Stocker


2010: Started 13 of 13 games.
2009: Started 13 of 13 games.
2008: Started 12 of 12 games.
2007: Played in 14 of 14 games.
2006: Redshirted



Unknown major at Tennessee.


Awards & Honors

2010: John Mackey Award semi-finalist.



Career Stats
Year Rec Yards Avg Long TD
2010 39 417 10.7 32 2
2009 29 389 13.4 40 5
2008 13 139 10.7 26 0
2007 4 11 2.8 6 1



Prospect Video Clips


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