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Jabrill Peppers

Written by Ray Valenitn on January 20, 2017

Jabrill Peppers vs Ohio State (2016)


Peppers shows Better-Than-Normal speed for the strong safety/defensive back position. He plays with an exceptional burst which is evident on punt returns and when he is blitzing and pursuing quarterbacks. Did not get to see on tape if he has perfect body control in coverage. He seemed to be playing zone coverage in a majority of his snaps covering the slot, so you don’t get to see how his hips are on the turn from the trail technique. He did however show the ability to pick up the tight end from the line and stick to him verses Iowa (1:05). Peppers shows the ability to play with the toughness required of a strong safety, but not as a linebacker. He purses with aggressiveness and is a willing tackler. You will catch him on tape watching the pile as opposed to jumping in, but not to often. He showed on tape that he is not afraid to play down inside the box and mix it up in the trenches. However, you can see that Peppers will get engulfed by linemen when he allows them to get their hands on him. Against Wisconsin he was put on skates two plays in a row (4:00). It should be noted that he played in all three phases of football and didn’t suffer any major set backs which speaks to his durability. He showed to have good hands in catching punts and taking direct snaps from center on offense. Didn’t get to see how his hands were on the interception in coverage. On tape he seems to be a player who does not lack in confidence in his ability. His versatility displays his confidence in himself to make plays from various spots on the field. Peppers versatility also displays an intense desire to compete as he probably lead his team in snaps played as he contributed in all three phases of football. By being able to play in all three phases of the game it shows that he is a student of the game. He had more on his plate to learn during the week than your usual safety. On tape Peppers can be caught over running tackles and plain miss. He can not be labeled a great tackler as he was caught verses Iowa missing in the hole (1:49) and in the open field (4:36). He must due a better job of breaking down upon contact. Peppers is a much better tackler when he wraps and rolls as opposed to throwing his body at the ball carrier and lowering the boom. He also did not display on tape to be a calculated risk taker in coverage due to the amount of time he spent in the box as a linebacker. He seems to have the tools to play in coverage (play speed), but didn’t get to see on tape if he has the proper (technique) for it due to him playing up the field more than in reverse. Peppers shows to be a triple threat player who can contribute in the return game. He may need some seasoning and coaching up in coverage, but he definitely has the potential and necessary talent to be a defensive back on the next level.


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