L Tomlinson V Pitt

Written by JPick on June 6, 2015

Laken Tomlinson vs Pittsburgh (2014)


Tomlinson has a great anchor and is enourmus. Shows good power and locates blocks on the second level. Must stay inside due to average athletiscm. Doesn’t have enough speed to pull well in a power game. Doesn’t flatten guys. Uses his body well to shield the RB. Long arms, good base. One of the better guards in the draft. 2nd to 3rd round talent.

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I am a huge Dolphins fan. I love scouting and evaluating current NFL and college players. My favorite position to scout is the RB position because I always wanted to be one. I enjoy creating big boards and position boards of my own and seeing how they stack up with in the NFL when the draft is over. I am very grateful for draftbreakdown.com!

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