Scouting Notes: Vic Beasley vs Ohio State (2013) | Draft Breakdown

Scouting Notes: Vic Beasley vs Ohio State (2013)

Written by Page on August 26, 2014

Scouting Notes: Vic Beasley vs Ohio State (2013)


  • Pass – Standing up, mush-rush. Neutral.
  • Pass – Doesn’t beat LT until Miller holds ball, scrambles and resets in pocket. Coverage Sack. Disengages to snag Miller after 5+ seconds. Success.
  • Run – Overruns play to middle after shedding. Neutral.
  • Pass – Standing, drives OT but his opponent shuts him down with strong anchor. Loss.
  • Pass – Untouched at LOS, charges QB, forcing movement on Rollout. Neutral.
  • Run – Neutral.
  • Run – Pushed out of running lane, Miller runs through space for TD. Loss.
  • Pass – Stutters at line then fires through gap, barely touched by lineman due to his quickness…Terrific closing speed, QB Pressure. Success.
  • Pass – Drives OT back to QB’s back. Mewhort able to anchor just before allowing a QB hit. Neutral.
  • 3 Runs – Minimal effort as they aren’t run towards him. Neutral.
  • Run – Shows lack of effort, just drives shoulder into his man, but makes tackle at LOS. Neutral.
  • Pass – Mush-rush. Neutral.
  • Run – Overpowered at LOS, driven backwards. Loss.
  • Run – Takes quick, inside path to backfield en route to TFL on QB. Terrific short area quickness. Success.
  • Pass – Gets jump on OT, tries to gap but is thrown on his behind. Loss.
  • Pass – Mush-rush. Neutral.
  • Pass – Gets jump on LT, but doesn’t punch or drive through upon contact. Neutral.
  • Pass – shoved around by LT and pushed out of play completely. Loss.
  • Pass – Gets running start on LT, stopped just shy of QB. Neutral.
  • Run – No effort on run…Miller runs for TD over DT. Neutral.
  • Run – (3 straight plays) Focuses on Miller, but ball given to the RB. Neutral.
  • Run – Read-Option. Guesses Miller, who does have the ball, TFL. Lucky Guess. Success.
  • Pass – Mush-Rush. Swats screen pass. Success.
  • Run – Horrible misread on QB Run allowing big gain. Untouched. Loss.
  • Run – Arm-overs LT with ease, no pressure after. Neutral.
  • Pass – Fires through gap but RB pops him, stopping Vic. Neutral.
  • Run – Gets under weak block, makes lunging tackle at LOS. Success.
  • Pass – Speeds around LT, dips under, forces QB to roll Left. Pressure. Athletic/Technical play. (Int on play)
  • Pass – Swim stuffed. Neutral.
  • Pass – Franticly swats Mewhort’s hands, but unsuccessfully runs arc on the LT. Neutral.
  • Pass – Mush-Rush. Neutral.
  • Pass – Untouched Pressure.
  • Run – Doesn’t fire with hands, but maintains good balance, stumbling over blocks for a big TFL. Success.
  • Pass – Gallops in off LOS, spins on OG, QB HitSuccess.
  • Run – Clearly assigned a designated spy role. Stays in DE spot, watching Miller. Neutral.
  • Run – Doesn’t fire off ball, but accelerates very quickly to backfield. Neutral.
  • Pass – Runs arc smoothly, but doesn’t bend enough to get to QB. Neutral.

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