Senior Bowl Blog: Sunday

Written by Will Spencer on January 24, 2010

After arriving at the hotel much later than expected (thanks to Thrifty car rentals and their super quick service….), I am officially checked in. Here are a few notes about what’s going on today.


First, I had the pleasure of sharing the same flight with Mike Mayock of NFL Network, Chris Steuber of, as well as a multitude of NFL Scouts. There was also a late addition to the Senior Bowl roster on the plane; Wisconsin DE/OLB O’Brien Schofield. Schofield had just played in the East-West Shrine Game and had a solid performance. I had a chance to speak with Schofield and we plan on doing a full interview later. Just some tidbits though, Schofield feels that he can beat any one on one block, he’d like to lay a hit on Tebow this week if possible, and that several other players from the Shrine Game were invited to the Senior Bowl but declined.


Ran into Cincinnati QB Tony Pike at the hotel. We exchanged information and scheduled an interview for later this week.


Sean Weatherspoon was in the middle of a pretty lengthy chat with a Panthers scout.


It’s officially Tim Tebow mania here. The Senior Bowl staff is treating him like he’s a member of the Beatles. We were actually asked to “not ask Tebow for autographs.” Seriously? Wow. It’s Tim Tebow, not Elvis.


Tim held his very own press conference as well. Lucky him! After the majority of folks in there asked very basic, softball questions, I cut right to the chase and asked if he planed on doing any receiver drills this week. his response?


“I’m here to be an NFL quarterback.”


The old “Pat White defense!” White decided not to catch the ball in Mobile last year, then after saying he WOULD catch passes at his pro day (which I drove all the way to), he decided to NOT catch any passes there….much to the displeasure of many members of the media and even Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, who made the drive to Morgantown.


Tebow did say that he’s been working with a QB specialist in Nashville to clean up his mechanics. He specifically said where he holds the ball and trying to cut down on the length of his windup. Tebow also said he’s been practicing taking snaps from under center and taking the various drops an NFL QB makes before throwing the ball. Tim said that he doesn’t have to impress all 32 teams, he just has to impress 1 team. Tebow certainly seems motivated, and is certainly getting the rock star treatment.


There are several other additions to the Senior Bowl roster including Oregon RB LaGarrette Blount and Oklahoma State CB Perrish Cox. If you read my interview with Perrish (which you can find here), he told me long ago that he planned on attending the Senior Bowl, so this should be no surprise to anyone.


Dexter McCluster was seen having a lengthy interview with Falcons coaches/scouts….specifically Terry Robiskie, who is the WRs coach for Atlanta and the father of Browns WR Brian Robiskie….who played in Mobile last year.


Stafon Johnson is out and about but still doesn’t have much of a voice. Spent a good bit of time talking with a Cowboys scout.


Riley Cooper was plenty busy, chatting it up with a scout from the Bears and the Rams.


Mardy Gilyard also drew the attention of a Cowboys scout, taking part in a lengthy interview.


As of when I left the hotel, only one major player that was supposed to attend hadn’t checked in yet; Alabama DT Terrence Cody. I’ll know more in the morning at weigh ins.


Players are starting to leave the hotel lobby and get ready for team meetings. Time for me to wrap it up here and get back to my room so I can let YOU know what’s going on.


Tomorrow morning, all players get officially weighed in and then both teams practice at the same time in the afternoon. Sadly, I will only be able to be in one place at a time, so I’ll have to chose a team to watch tomorrow. Things will get back to normal on Tuesday.


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