Senior Bowl Diary: Day 4

Written by Mike Daneshgar on January 26, 2012

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Today at the Senior Bowl can be described with 3 blurry pictures:





After a tornado warning and torrential downpour, practices went inside and essentially boiled down to walkthroughs. In other words, very little scouting.


Fortunately, I got onto the escalator at the same time as a man who as it turns out is the agent for the hot ticket of the week, Joe Adams. We struck up some good conversation and he altered my perspective on the “greed” of the sports agent industry. While he may be an expert at buttering people up as part of the job, he seemed to genuinely care about the well-being of Joe Adams – his one and only client this draft.


After hearing about and speaking to Adams, it’s hard not to root for him. He is soft-spoken, likes video games (mostly NBA2K or Call of Duty), and doesn’t party. He is training in Fort Lauderdale with Chris Carter and his 40 time is reportedly 4.25 right now. After watching him this week, I don’t doubt it. When I asked him about Adams’s stock, the agent said that he came in here as a 3rd rounder (about where I had him) and is now in the 2nd round (where I now have him) or maybe late 1st with a good combine.


While the agent said every team has been asking, he particularly singled out the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots as being huge fans of his. Even Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham has said to Joe Adams (sarcastically) that he would love to even have him on the team to play both ways – wideout and corner.


Brandon Weeden also came up in the conversation and Joe Adams said that he LOVES Brandon Weeden. I always like when a player compliments another player and who would know better about how good a quarterback is playing than a wideout?


Speaking of player endorsements, Senio Kelemete was one of the few players to answer honestly when asked who impressed him most out here. As opposed to the usual “well, everyone down here is good” the Samoan offensive tackle/guard said that Virginia DE Cam Johnson was very tough to defend with his explosive first step. Thanks a lot Senio, now I need to watch Cam Johnson more (who I neglected this week unfortunately).


The Senior Bowl practices were a very new and exciting experience for me. Thanks to Draft Breakdown for sending me down here!

Mike Daneshgar

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