Shrine Game Report: Tuesday

Written by Will Spencer on January 20, 2010

While we can’t be at both the Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl, we’ll still keep you up to date with the most important information from the week’s practices. Our friends at Draft Guys are providing excellent coverage of the practices, and we’ll bring you highlights of their daily reports.

East Practice

Daryll Clark (Penn State) has to work on his footwork when dropping back to pass. His feet are off when he has to play fake, and it messes up his rhythm when throwing. I do like his natural throwing motion and high release point. He consistently releases the football at the same spot on nearly every throw. Like yesterday, most of his passes came out hot and low, so they were away from defenders.

Andre Anderson (Tulane) looked better today than he did yesterday. I like the patience he showed in waiting for his blocks to develop before bursting into the second level of the defense. He is better between the tackles then outside in my opinion, but he surprisingly had a couple of successful runs to the edge of the defense.

Blair White (Michigan State) continued to impress me today. The guy is relentless and catches every pass thrown his way. He is a little stiff running routes, but he’s a try-hard player that will do everything to improve. He can set up defenders with head and shoulder fakes, and even caught one pass out of bounds just because he didn’t want it to hit the ground after a great fake (the throw was way off). He can high point passes, and even slid on his knees to scoop a pass today. The best play for him was when he went low for a pass, but had to catch it one-handed because his other hand was on the ground so he could run after the catch. He gathered in the catch and turned up field quickly.

Chris Scott (OL – Tennessee) was great in the pit today. He handled speed rushers and power moves all the same. His feet aren’t the greatest, but he plays with an aggressive style.

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West Practice

Keith Toston (Oklahoma State) impressed me once again with his lightning quick stutter step. I liked his leg drive after contact and his ball security was top notch as several defenders were trying to strip the ball away from him but to no avail. He has great body control and balance. Toston spun away from contact, and then used an arm bar to keep Dexter Davis away. He also has the ability to spin when trying to pick up extra yardage after already being wrapped up. Even though he’s not the biggest back he does run with adequate “pop”. It’s advisable not to blink when Toston is on the field because he can get to the second level in a hurry.

Dennis Pitta (BYU) is not your traditional tight end. He may not be much of a blocker, but he can get open and haul in passes with regular consistency. He knows how to use his frame to shield defenders away from the football, and is aggressive when going for yards after the catch.

Alterraun Verner (DB – UCLA) had one of the best plays of the day. With Emmanuel Sanders about to haul in a sideline pass, Verner slashed in front of the receiver, high pointed the pass, and picked it off. He also was able to get both feet in bounds as he fell to the turf, drawing “oohs” from the crowd of scouts on the sideline.

Emmanuel Sanders (SMU) is quickly becoming one of my favorite players at this game. He will go after a catch no matter where the ball is placed. He’ll scoop passes off the turf, and sky for passes over the middle. Even though he’s not the biggest receiver he does play with a fearless nature. The receivers ran a mini-gauntlet drill and Sanders was the best at turning and finding the football in the air. Sanders is quick in and out of his breaks and can gain separation on most defensive backs he’s facing here. He also did a nice job of using his frame to shield cornerback Devin Ross away from the ball on a sideline route.

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