Shrine Game Report: Wednesday

Written by Will Spencer on January 21, 2010

While we can’t be at both the Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl, we’ll still keep you up to date with the most important information from the week’s practices. Our friends at Draft Guys are providing excellent coverage of the practices, and we’ll bring you highlights of their daily reports.

East Practice

Javarris James (Miami) was money when the East was working near the goal line. His vision, quickness to cutback, and agility are top notch and he scored two touchdowns today. The moves weren’t ankle-breaking, but very subtle to open things up against oncoming defensive ends. James ran with a good pad level today, and was ready for contact when going through the hole. He can glide through a hole, stutter to get away from defenders, or just lower his shoulder.

Freddie Barnes (Bowling Green) continued to show off his strong hands during Wednesday’s practice. The wide receivers were on the sidelines testing their strong hands by throwing zip passes at each others face. Barnes never let a pass hit his helmet, and never let any of his teammates grab the ball away from him after the catch. After three days of practice the field was getting a little rough, but even when Barnes slipped on a low pass he was able to secure the ball as he turned and caught the pass behind him.

Kyle Calloway (OL – Iowa) showed great stength when taking on O’Brien Schoffield. He stopped the rusher easily in the pit with great footwork and balance.

Rahim Alem (DL – LSU) stuffed Andre Anderson on a run, but the back basically ran right into him. Alem was getting penetration at the goalline, but in the pit he failed to have the same success.

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West Practice

Todd Reesing (Kansas) threw one of the ugliest passes I have ever seen today in red zone drills. He dropped back to throw a screen pass and ended up pushing the ball out of his hand and away from his body. It looked like the pass was tipped, but no defender was even close to him. The nose of the ball was almost 90 degrees to the ground and it was wobbling like an injured duck. Kerry Meier was the intended receiver, and the pass was completed but by the time it was caught the defense had caught up and stopped the play.

Verran Tucker (California) is out with a hamstring injury, replaced by UCLA’s Terrance Austin.

John Estes (Hawaii) totally owned Martin Tevaseu (DL – UNLV) a couple of times today. One time Tevaseu jumped off sides, then reset, then the ball was snapped. Estes simply put his hand on the back of Tevaseu’s helmet and pressed down, pinning the big defensive lineman on the ground. It was the biggest “oooh!” moment of the day.

Jason Beauchamp (LB – UNLV) also got into the mix when the pit was fired up. He showed great speed to get under Mike Tepper (OL – California), and later beat Chris Marinelli (OL – Stanford) with a swim move to the inside. During 11-on-11 drills he was also flying around thumping anyone with the football.

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