Spencer and Aloysius Joint 1 Round Mock – April 21st

Written by Will Spencer on April 21, 2011


The draft is inching closer and stocks are rising and falling. Aaron Aloysius and I decided to get together for a different take on a mock draft. To keep each other guessing, we took turns making the picks as we moved along. I took the odd numbers and Aaron picked for the even numbers. Needless to say, things got interesting!


1. Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers

Marcell DareusMarcell Dareus – DT – Alabama 

Spencer: I’m just not 100% convinced that the Panthers are, well, 100% convinced, that Newton is the guy for them. Rivera is a defensive minded head coach and missing on a #1 overall pick could set the franchise back even further. In this mock, they’re going the safe route.

2. Denver Broncos Denver Broncos

Patrick PetersonPatrick Peterson – CB – LSU 

Aloysius: While the Broncos would have loved to get Dareus here, they’ll be very happy to get am excellent consolation consolation prize in Pat Peterson. He’ll start immediately oppose Champ Bailey and, with some development, could become a similarly dominant cover man.

3. Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills

Von MillerVon Miller – OLB – Texas A&M 

Spencer: No, Buffalo isn’t taking Cam Newton here. The Bills haven’t had a decent pass rush in some time and the lack of production from Aaron Maybin is a sore spot with the organization. They’ll take the best pass rusher in the draft here and roll with Fitzpatrick on offense.

4. Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals

Cam NewtonCam Newton – QB – Auburn 

Aloysius: The Bengals can’t pass on an amazingly gifted quarterback with character questions. Hopefully, they won’t rush the Florida/Blinn/Auburn product onto the field before he’s ready to handle all of the blitz packages Pittsburgh and Baltimore will throw at him.

5. Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals

Robert QuinnRobert Quinn – DE – North Carolina 

Spencer: The Cards are going to take an awfully close look at Blaine Gabbert here. However, it’s hard to ignore just how poor their defense performed last year, finishing at the bottom of the league in every major category. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt attended Quinn’s Pro Day personally and saw his athleticism first hand. He may have to be a situational pass rusher at first in the 3-4 OLB position, but he has the tools to further develop at this spot.

6. Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns

AJ GreenAJ Green – WR – Georgia 

Aloysius: The Browns’ downfield passing game as abysmal last fall. Enter AJ Green, whose sure hands and highpoint ability will help him come down with Colt McCoy’s hanging deep balls.

7. San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers

Cameron JordanCameron Jordan – DE – California 

Spencer: With Gabbert falling even further, the 49ers are certainly taking a close look. However, their closer inspection may lead them to see more Alex Smith in Gabbert than they feel comfortable with. The Niners will more than likely be taking a run at whatever QBs are available in free agency or trades, whenever that happens, and they’ll address their pass rush here. Jordan is versatile and relentless and will be a great addition to a young defense.

8. Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans

Blaine GabbertBlaine Gabbert – QB – Missouri 

Aloysius: Titans OC Chris Palmer helped Eli Manning smooth over some of the rough edges in his game. He could do the same with Gabbert, who has the work ethic and physical ability to be a big succeed but, like Newton, lacks the polish of a prototypical top ten signal caller.

9. Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys

Tyron SmithTyron Smith – OT – USC 

Spencer: Sure, there are some major needs in the secondary and it’s an easy pick to take Amukamara here. However, they need to upgrade the tackle position. The Cowboys will be able to start Smith at RT, which is where he played at USC, leaving Doug Free at LT. If Free can’t cut it, they’ll swap sides. Either way, Smith is too talented to pass up for Jerry Jones.

10. Washington Redskins Washington Redskins

Julio JonesJulio Jones – WR – Alabama 

Aloysius: The Redskins could “reach” for Locker here, but the U-Dub QB’s accuracy issues would make him a very risky pick. Instead, they get a new weapon for Sexy Rexy or whoever ends up under center.

11. Houston Texans Houston Texans

Prince AmukamaraPrince Amukamara – CB – Nebraska 

Spencer: The Texans secondary was down right terrible last season. While they drafted a corner early last year, they still need more help and Amukamara is too difficult to pass up here.

12. Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings

Da'Quan BowersDa’Quan Bowers – DE – Clemson 

Aloysius: The Vikings are fortunate to find possibly the top 4-3 defensive end in this class still on the board at #12. The rumors swirling about Bowers’ surgically-repaired knee are disconcerting, but so is the possibility that a team expected to lose Ray Edwards would pass on a potentially dominant LDE.

13. Detroit Lions Detroit Lions

Anthony CastonzoAnthony Castonzo – OT – Boston College 

Spencer: This was the first time alternating picks proved to be interesting. I was certainly hoping that the Vikings would go in a different direction as Bowers would be a great fit in Detroit. Instead, the Lions need to do something to keep Matthew Stafford healthy and an upgrade at the tackle spot is a must. With Tyron Smith gone, they’ll put their hopes in the Castonzo basket. There was a real dilemma for me here with Nick Fairley on the board, but protecting their franchise QB has to be a priority.

14. St. Louis Rams St. Louis Rams

Nick FairleyNick Fairley – DT – Auburn 

Aloysius: Last year, Fairley oscillated between being a beast and delivering boneheaded late hits. While the Auburn d-lineman’s lack of discipline could scare off some teams, he’s a great fit for a Rams defense that could use more playmakers in its front seven.

15. Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins

Mark IngramMark Ingram – RB – Alabama 

Spencer: Sure, this is probably a cliche’ pick, but I don’t care. The Dolphins need to add another running back to their offense, so why not take the best of the bunch?

16. Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars

Aldon SmithAldon Smith – DE – Missouri 

Aloysius: Last year, Gene Smith shocked the world by taking a hard-working, versatile defensive lineman in Tyson Alualu. This year, they draft Aldon Smith, a player who gutted through a painful leg injury and displayed the ability to get after the quarterback from a number of spots.


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