Spencer and Aloysius Joint 1 Round Mock – April 21st

Written by Will Spencer on April 21, 2011

17. New England Patriots (from Oakland) New England Patriots

JJ WattJJ Watt – DE – Wisconsin 

Spencer: Why is it that the Patriots always luck out? This was an easy pick to make as the Pats get possibly the best 5-technique DE in the draft who will make an immediate impact on their defense.

18. San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers

Ryan KerriganRyan Kerrigan – DE – Purdue 

Aloysius: Multiple reports have indicated that the team would love to have Kerrigan play outside backer in their 3-4 defense. Fortunately for them, the depth of the d-line class allows the squad to get him here at #18.

19. New York Giants New York Giants

Gabe CarimiGabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin 

Spencer: I thought long and hard here about going with Mike Pouncey but watching Carimi play, he just seems to fit the mold of the New York Giants.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Adrian ClaybornAdrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa 

Aloysius: The Bucs address their need at defensive end by selecting the Iowa product. Clayborn may not be the typical Tampa 2 defensive end, but the Bucs will get great value if he can return to his ’09 form.

21. Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs

Phil TaylorPhil Taylor – DT – Baylor 

Spencer: Another easy pick along the way. Phil Taylor is exactly what the Chiefs need for their defense, playing in between Dorsey and Jackson.

22. Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts

Derek SherrodDerek Sherrod – OT – Mississippi State 

Aloysius: The Colts needed to do a better job of keeping Peyton Manning clean. Sherrod’s smarts and NFL-ready game will make him a great fit in Indianapolis. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he ends up being the best offensive tackle to come out of this class.

23. Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles

Mike PounceyMike Pouncey – OG – Florida 

Spencer: The Eagles need to grab an offensive lineman and while I think they would really like Gabe Carimi, they can’t go wrong with Mike Pouncey here. Pouncey is versatile enough to play in multiple spots and should easily find a place in the starting lineup.

24. New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints

Akeem AyersAkeem Ayers – OLB – UCLA 

Aloysius: Sean Payton has said the teams wants Sedrick Ellis to continue playing three-technique. As a result, the Saints pass on Corey Liuget and other penetrating tackles in favor of Ayers, who’s the kind of blitzing LB Gregg Williams loves.

25. Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks

Jake LockerJake Locker – QB – Washington 

Spencer: If there’s a more ideal situation for Locker to land in, I certainly can’t find it. Pete Carroll knows exactly what he’s going to get with Locker through is relationship with Steve Sarkisian. Locker will be able to learn from Matt Hasselbeck before taking over.

26. Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens

Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith – CB – Colorado 

Aloysius: Based purely on ability, Jimmy “I’m better than Asomugha” Smith is a tremendous value here. Unfortunately, Smith has some character concerns, but the Ravens believe that Ray Ray can put the fear of God into the Colorado corner.

27. Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons

Torrey SmithTorrey Smith – WR – Maryland 

Spencer: I have to admit, I hated making this pick. That isn’t a knock on Torrey Smith, but I know it’s a reach here. If Atlanta is confronted with this situation, they will almost surely trade back a few spots to get better value from their pick. Jabaal Sheard was a possibility here, but instead I went with a field stretcher to play opposite Roddy White. I’m sure Matt Ryan won’t argue with the pick.

28. New England Patriots New England Patriots

Danny WatkinsDanny Watkins – OG – Baylor 

Aloysius: With an exceedingly impressive week in Mobile, Watkins established himself as a top 45 pick. While he’s an overaged prospect, Bill Belichick will appreciate his ability to come in right away and strengthen the Pats’ offensive line.

29. Chicago Bears Chicago Bears

Corey LiugetCorey Liuget – DT – Illinois 

Spencer: Talk about lucking out. Chicago would love to grab a quick, interior pass rusher and Liuget practically falls into their lap. There’s no way I could pass it up.

30. New York Jets New York Jets

Jabaal SheardJabaal Sheard – DE – Pittsburgh 

Aloysius: Mad scientist Rex Ryan knows how to scheme pressure, but the team could use a young outside rusher who can get to the quarterback on his own. Sheard could provide that spark and possesses the athleticism to make the transition to outside linebacker.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers

Nate SolderNate Solder – OT – Colorado 

Spencer: Pittsburgh needs to go in one of two directions with this pick; corner or offensive line. While I like Brandon Harris, I don’t know if he really fits the Steelers defensive scheme and I’m not sure if the value is completely there. Instead, Pittsburgh looks to Nate Solder, a big body tackle that can hopefully lock down one of the edges. The scrambling ability of Ben Roethlisberger will actually help hide some of Solder’s growing pains.

32. Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers

Muhammed WilkersonMuhammad Wilkerson – DT – Temple 

Aloysius: With Cullen Jenkins an impending free agent and Johnny Jolly in a whole lot of trouble, the Packers are in the market for another five-technique. Wilkerson’s a great fit for the Super Bowl champs and should become a very good starter alongside rising star BJ Raji.

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