The Case for Logan Thomas

Written by Spencer on February 21, 2014


Perhaps due to his sub-60 completion percentage, many assume Thomas is one of those big-armed QBs that can’t hit the side of a barn. Fortunately, that is not the case.

If anything, accuracy is one of Thomas’s strengths. The quarterback is money on the seam route, along with consistently hitting crossing routes in perfect stride. Ball placement is something that, overall, Thomas excels at. Pair that arm strength with a very high release point that gets the ball out quickly and accurately, and you have something potentially special.

Passes do tend to be on the flat side, and — in terms of velocity control — he doesn’t have more than two speeds, but those issues shouldn’t hold him back too much. Though he stands tall in the pocket, Thomas would benefit from more often stepping into passes that his arm usually lets him get away with. More consistency on that front should help cut the occasional errant pass out of his game

Overall, teams that run a quick strike passing offense will likely love the skill set he offers.

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