The Post-Tebow era at Florida

Written by Will Spencer on May 19, 2010

Our friends at College Football Geek continue to keep us updated on what’s going on in the college football world. Recently, they answered the question, “what is in store for Florida now that Tim Tebow is gone?”

By Joe ArpasiCollege Football Geek

For the last three seasons, quarterback Tim Tebow has been the heart and soul of the Florida Gator offense. With Tebow off to the NFL, head coach Urban Meyer must find a new direction for the offense in 2010.

What’s the Scoop?

Florida spent the last three seasons with quarterback Tim Tebow at the helm of the offense. The focus during that time period was a power running game based out of the shotgun, along with an efficient passing attack. Tim Tebow is now playing for the Denver Broncos, and the Gators’ offense is going through a transition.

Heading into the spring, it was understood that the offense could not continue to lean on a running game the utilized the quarterback in the same way that Tim Tebow was used. The coaches started looking at how to install more traditional spread concepts into the offense, and build off the strengths of their returning personnel.

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