The Quarterback Prospect Shuffle

Written by Jon Dove on January 10, 2013

Let’s say that the Chiefs pull the trigger on Smith with the No. 1 overall pick. For argument’s sake, assume the other quarterback-needy teams don’t address that need with their first pick.

That means the next team on the clock is the Jaguars with the first pick in the second round. The Jets, Cardinals and Bills would then have to make a move to get in front of the Jaguars. Arizona should be the most aggressive of that group based on their needs.

They could put together a package that lands them the 26th pick from the Seahawks. Here they’d have the pick of the remaining quarterback. Let’s say they favored the upside of Tyler Wilson.

This leaves Matt Barkley, Mike Glennon and Ryan Nassib on the board.

Jacksonville’s need for a quarterback is based on the struggles of Blaine Gabbert, so they could actually just sit and wait to see who falls in their lap. I’m sure some people in the organization still feel Gabbert has potential.

Buffalo’s general manager, Buddy Nix, has been very outspoken about the team’s need for a franchise quarterback. That type of talk typically results in aggressiveness come draft day. This is the next team to make a move into back into the first round.

The Bills’ best fit might be working a deal with the San Francisco 49ers, who are projected to own the 28th overall pick. With this pick, Buffalo could pull the trigger on the high-upside Mike Glennon.

Glennon might need some time to fully develop, but that works for the Bills because Ryan Fitzpatrick is still under contract.

This leaves Matt Barkley and Ryan Nassib on the board for the Jaguars and Jets. Because Gabbert still has some potential, it makes sense for the Jaguars to pull the trigger on the more NFL-ready Barkley.

Barkley could come in and immediate claim the starting job. However, if he fails, Jacksonville still can turn to Gabbert and give him another shot.

New York now has the opportunity to stay put and add Nassib, who is someone with a ton of potential. He needs some refining, but he’s more NFL-ready than most realize.

Mark Sanchez would still enter the season as the starter, and Nassib will be there to come in and take over when he fails.

Below is a quick breakdown of how things could play out:

No. 1 Pick – Kansas City Chiefs: Geno Smith, West Virginia
No. 26 Pick – Arizona Cardinals: Tyler Wilson, Arkansas **Trade with Seattle Seahawks**
No. 28 Pick – Buffalo Bills: Mike Glennon, NC State **Trade with San Francisco 49ers**
No. 33 Pick (2nd Round) – Jacksonville Jaguars: Matt Barkley, USC
No. 39 Pick (2nd Round) – New York Jets: Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

Jon Dove

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