Top Five Senior QB Rankings

Written by Justis Mosqueda on August 26, 2013

Derek Carr5. Derek Carr (Fresno State)

Derek Carr is by far the most frustrating quarterback for me to watch in this draft class. Like Tyler Bray coming into 2012, he possesses tremendous arm talent but hasn’t put it all together.

When Derek Carr steps through his passes, he very well might be the best quarterback in the senior class. The problem is that he rarely does so. Some attribute his fade-away footwork to a torn ab he played with all last season, but there were still some, albeit fewer, instances in 2011 games were he exhibited the same issues.

His brother, first overall pick David Carr, also has had footwork issues, largely due to “fear” of the pass rush; however, I don’t think that’s the case with Derek. Instead, it just seems to be a part of his game; he does it too consistently to be a product of pressure.

As it stands today, Carr is in the middle of the class, but I easily could see him moving up or down four spots over the next season.

Justis Mosqueda

Justis started following the NFL Draft in 2006. After knee injuries ended his high school career, he focused on studying and covering the game. His obsession with quarterbacks can be blamed on the Favre and Rodgers era Green Bay Packers.

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