Video Passing Chart: Stephen Morris vs Florida

Written by Justis Mosqueda on September 10, 2013

In a unique stats/film study mind meld, we’ve created a new draft resource at DB: video passing charts.

Now, in addition to having access to our statistical breakdowns, you’ll be able to see every throw we chart! Just click on the passing numbers below and our pop-up cutups will appear.

This is just the first of many passing charts we’ll be unveiling, so feel free to send us feedback & suggestions on how we can make future charts better!

Stephen Morris vs Florida
0 TD, 1 INT
0 TD, 0 INT
0 TD, 0 INT
1 TD, 0 INT
0 TD, 0 INT
0 TD, 0 INT
0 TD, 0 INT
0 TD, 0 INT
Scrambles: 2   Scramble Yds: 8
Throwaways: 2
Sacks: 1
Tips: 0
Deflections: 4
Passing chart compiled by Justis Mosqueda
Video of Morris vs Florida courtesy of Adrian Ahufinger.

Justis Mosqueda

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