Bryce Petty vs Oklahoma (2013)

Created by Andrew Worstell on November 9, 2013

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  • This Game: Bryce Petty vs. Oklahoma

    Submitted by Ian Alexander on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

    0:01: Petty’s deep pass to WR is incomplete.. low release caused this probably

    0:22: With no one open downfield, Petty throws the ball into the ground as he is hit. Solid play.

    0:42: Petty sacked after no one is open downfield.. doesn’t seem to sense up-the-middle pressure, but not much he could have done otherwise

    1:01: Petty completes the deep pass to WR for 20 yards or so but could have led him further downfield, as he did not have pressure in his face.

    1:17: One-read pass, no pressure and Petty hits his WR for an 8-yd gain.

    1:29: Solid timing on the end-zone fade but the receiver and DB were not where the ball was.

    1:35: QB/WR aren’t on the same page, and it’s because Petty put the ball too far to the inside to where the safety could make the play. If he had lofted it down the field and towards the right he could have had a big-time completion.

    1:55: Petty takes a sack for a safety in the end-zone, and while the defender was unblocked.. Petty still deserves blame as he did not sense the impending pressure from his blind side.

    2:30: Petty is under pressure and drops his eyes to try to escape.. could have gotten rid of the ball.

    2:48: Agile run for a gain of fifteen or so.

    3:08: Gets a solid TD run

    3:23: Solid release but slightly overthrown downfield

    3:47: Poor anticipation down the field; did not sense what the receiver could have gotten.. he threw it behind and too far to the left.

    4:14: Fits it around the arms of a defender so it doesn’t get tipped.. solid completion

    5:03: Low release point causes an incompletion downfield

    5:33: Good, solid anticipation to where receiver was going for the touchdown.

    6:28: Poor ball security leads to fumble

    7:04: Nice touch on this touchdown pass.

    7:14: Pressure off his blindside, accuracy dwindles downfield

    8:02: Good throw by Petty for the TD pass

    What do we feel about him after this game:

    Mechanics: Low release point, which sometimes leads to too much zip on the ball. Often, and quite often when under pressure his legs take a twist and sometimes his feet are wide, causing overthrows. However when he’s not under pressure his mechanics are usually solid and his passes are accurate. Needs some work in this department, but he’ll certainly get that with coaching at the NFL level.

    Arm Strength: Can hit all the throws down the field and has good velocity in the intermediate ranges.

    Anticipation: Shows flashes at times but sometimes is erratic when determining where his receiver will be on a particular play, especially downfield.

    Touch: Again, shows flashes but sometimes puts a little too much zip on the ball.. not a huge issue but it’s something worth noting.

    Pocket Presence: Possibly his biggest flaw, as when under pressure his accuracy and arm strength seem to flutter.

    Running Ability: Solid speed, and he’s actually fairly agile too. He’s a good runner who is utilized a lot in Bryce Petty’s offense.

    Overall: This is from a one-game analysis but I think that he’ll probably go somewhere around the 4th-5th round. While he has things that still need a lot of work, there will probably be a team willing to take his upside and try to develop him into a solid QB down the road.

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