Devante Davis vs Nevada (2013)

Created by Aimal Arsalla on June 16, 2014

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  • Watching RSP Film Room by Matt Waldman side by side with writing these notes

    Submitted by Jordan Spires on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

    Davis puts up big numbers in this game. 8-121-2.

    Looks like an NFL receiver just from what he looks like. 1st play is a run.

    2nd play, Davis does a very good job of selling a vertical outside route and then cutting inside for a slant. Also tries a chop technique that doesn’t hit home but at least he’s using hands. He isn’t target on this play. DB does a good job staying with Davis but the process of a good release is there.

    Next play, blocking, screen play to RB the whole way. Aggressive in run blocking game.

    Next play, runs a short stop route against 12 yards of cushion. Effort is there to gain extra yards through contact. Catches with hands.

    Next play, isn’t even looked at until QB is scrambling for life.

    Next play he’s playing against some tight coverage, about a yard off the LOS. He comes back to the ball on a go route. Hard to tell how good or bad his hands are. Ball is thrown low and outside and Davis basically controls the ball with just his outside arm until he can get his inside arm off the DB and control the ball as he falls. Good concentration and catch.

    Next play not targeted.

    Next play the safety is late rotating over to Davis because the DB covering him is blitzing. Catches a screen basically. Has some physicality and “get off of me” mentality after the catch for a gain of 8.

    Playing against cover 3 here on next play. Does a great job looking for the ball between the flat defender and the linebacker and in front of the corner. Awesome after the catch, he ends up scoring about a 30-40 yard touchdown on a simple 8 or 9 yard kind of go or skinny slant. Breaks 3 tackles, only really 1 had a real chance of tackling him but still. That’s a pretty impressive play.

    Supposed to be an out route here and he adjusts to the coverage and also to the scrambling QB. He works open for his QB and he gets the catch for a 1st down.

    Ball is thrown before he comes out of his break. You can tell though that Davis is the aggressor. He isn’t going to let a DB get his hands on him and control him, Davis is going to get his hands on the DB and he’s going to control what he wants to do.

    Not targeted, good change from route runner to blocker for his fellow teammate.

    Next play can’t see very well.

    Blocking again. Great effort and strength.

    QB scrambling for his life.

    Another good job of finding the hole in the zone. Almost identical route and coverage as his long TD.

    This next play is a slant and wow talk about being physical. He knows this DB likes to be physical and Davis comes off the LOS, punches the DB in the chest, sheds inside, and creates separation for a catch. Technically it probably is offensive PI, but the thing you like to see if that Davis is saying hey, this is what I want to do and I’m going to physically impose my will on you and do it.

    Here’s a redzone target from about the 11 or 12 yard line. Doesn’t really use hands all that well to create separation. DB is able to stay on Davis’ hip the whole way but Davis uses his strength, leaping ability, concentration, and just overall athleticism to go up and make a TD grab when honestly he’s being held and probably should have been called defensive PI. Very impressive catch. That’s a heck of a play.

    2 point conversion, broken play throw to Davis and Davis nearly is able to come back to the ball and run in for to convert.

    Would have liked to see Davis run a wider variety of routes, maybe a slant or two, a square in, a drag, but this is one game and I’m sure he runs those routes in other games.

    Right now, Davis knows how to use his physical body and fight through contact. Davis in just one game compared to the 2014 FSU game for Davante Parker, Davis did much better than Parker. But this is just one game a piece comparison.

    Thing I liked that they said is that Davis is a low risk high reward player because he isn’t going to have to play well right away and he will be cheap to keep around and teach. Davante Parker on the other hand is going to cost an NFL team more and will be expected to contribute right away and learn everything all at once and he’s more of a high risk high reward player.

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