Hau’oli Kikaha vs BYU (2013)

Created by Josh Deceuster on May 20, 2014

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  • Scouting Notes: Hau’oli Kikaha vs BYU (2013)

    Submitted by Page on Saturday, August 30th, 2014

      • - Pass – Frog stance; last guy off the line. Lands heavy punch, swats hand, bends edge.
      • - Run – fights through line of blocks, goes for strip. effective movement.
      • - Pass – standing up, heavy punch fakes inside spin but doesn’t have speed to get outside.
      • - Pass – Slow off line (frog), big punch knocks OT back, swims inside. Almost gets pressure. Success.
      • - Run - Reads read-option wrong, allows QB to get outside as he picks the RB.
      • - Pass – Good jump (standing), fights off double to move towards QB. minimal progress.
      • - Pass – Uses good hand placement and excellent leverage to drive OT back. Bends edge and gets a strip sack on the QB. Fantastic, technical play. Success.
      • - Pass – keep head down and pushes OT (who anchors) off the snap. Rounds him, but ball thrown.
      • - Run - Gets absorbed at first by line but puts OG on his back with leg power.
      • - Run – Untouched by line, FB comes up and shoulders him, Kikaha disengages on contact…gets tackle. Success.
      • - Pass – Fast GO, (standing) throws tight spin but OT uses good hand placement to keep him steady. Loss.
      • - Pass – OT has head down so he over-arms to the outside, bends and generates pressure. Success.
      • - Pass – Comes out hits hands away of OT, forklifts, bends edge…misses on sack but DT finishes. Success.
      • - Run - Throws cutting OG away from him and makes tackle on line. Success.
      • - Pass – Length use on speed-power is good, drives legs through. looks for swat while still driving.
      • - Run - Shows patience and makes correct read on Read-Option. Tackle. Success.
      • - Pass – OT head down, arm-overs, bends and shows good burst…QB Hit. Success.
      • - Run - Correct read on RO, but can’t catch QB. Lack of speed shown.
      • - Run – Sheds OT block but gets running dive blocked by FB. Taken down.
      • - Pass – Sheds block at the line. good closing speed to hit thrower who holds ball too long. Success.
      • - Pass – OT jabs him in the chest when he throws inside swim. completely stops. Loss.
      • - Run – Makes correct read on RO, but can’t chase down QB….dives and misses legs.
      • - Pass – Outruns OT around edge…falls down on end of bend, later catches RB for tackle downfield.
      • - Run – Swims OT and pursues play down line. gets hard tackle on RO. Success.
      • - Pass – Great leverage…..runs arc, but bends successfully around OT for QB pressure…dives at QB legs, misses, QB evades and runs. needs to finish plays. Success.
      • - Run – Takes on FB, gets stood up, sheds and tackles stalled RB.
      • - Pass – Bends edge, gets under OT block with solid, dip/hand use….sack. Success.

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