Hau’oli Kikaha vs Stanford (2013)

Created by Josh Deceuster on May 19, 2014

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  • Scouting Notes: Hau’oli Kikaha vs Stanford (2013)

    Submitted by Page on Saturday, August 30th, 2014

    • - Run - Takes on TE hard. Jolts him back…run to opposite side.
    • - Pass – Uses length – inside swim wins…shows good closing speed. Tries to dive at Hogan, QB evades. Pressure, Success. NEEDs to finish.
    • - Run - Tackles OG off line.
    • - Pass – tries to outside swim and bend but is mirrored and can’t use hands. Loss.
    • - Run - Blows TE back into backfield, sheds and gets tackle. Success.
    • - Pass – Stunt from LDE, too slow too get through hole on time.
    • - Pass – Slow GO. Inside swim, outside spin, bends all stuffed by Peat. Loss.
    • - Run - Hard punch from GO, knocks OT off balance on right. Runs and makes tackle. Success.
    • - Run – Peat comes out with head down, so Kikaha swims over…dives at RB, misses. No finish.
    • - Pass – Quickly overarms.
    • - Pass – Good hand usage but is mirrored by OG. 5 tech.
    • - Pass – Tried to outside swim, then use bull rush…stuffed and put away. Loss.
    • - Pass – 1 tech. drives shoulder into guard. Blasts him back, but stuffed.
    • - Run - 5 tech. OG gets on his chest, controls him. Success.
    • - Pass – Tries to swim inside stuff. Can’t drive. Loss.
    • - Run - Easily sheds off Peat but whiffs on RB track.
    • - Run – Sheds TE failed block, hits, falls off RB. NEEDS to finish.
    • - Run – Lined up at NT. Shows no effort after being stood up.
    • - Run – Bullied by Peat and shoved inside on outside run. Loss.
    • - Run – Pushed into running lane by blocks.
    • - Pass – Full sprint to outrun OT….fails. Limited bend and OT mirror results in him being stuffed…but Hogan runs back into him for sack.
    • - Pass – Mush-rush. Tackle at 1 yd past LOS.
    • - Run – Play runs at him. Tackle.
    • - Run – Works down line, then back up after cutback. Good vision.
    • - Run – Great hand usage to shed OG and tackle aggressively at LOS. Success.

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