Melvin Gordon vs LSU (2014)

Posted by Andrew Worstell on Sep 01, 2014

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  • Melvin Gordon Report

    Submitted by @rcliston1985 on Saturday, April 18th, 2015

    Name-Melvin Gordon Position-Running Back College- Wisconsin University

    Size- 6’1” 215 lbs.  

    Strong Points- Gifted outside runner with elite top end speed. He can create in open field. He plays physical and doesn’t shy away from contact. He is a gym rat. He has great football character.  

    Weak Points- He needs to work on his pass blocking. He also needs to polish route running. Additional work to be done for in between the tackle running.

    2014 Stats- 2587 yards on 343 attempts with 29 Touchdowns, NCAA single game record for yards with 408. He was a Heisman finalist, 1st team All Big 10 team and Doak Walker Award winner.


    Gordon is an ideal physical specimen. He packed on weight between his junior and senior years, all lean muscle. At combine he ran a 4.52 in the 40 yards with 1.62 in the 10yard split. He also set a new record in the 60 yard shuffle with 11 seconds, while posting a vertical jump of 35” and a broad jump of 10’6”.

    Before playing college football he was a decorated athlete in both track and field as well as football. He won medals in the 55 meter and 100 meter runs.  He was the Gatorade Player of the Year 2010-11. He backed up other quality backs while at Wisconsin. He has had a decorated college career in awards as well as breaking both school and NCAA records. He has volunteered at homeless shelters, as teacher’s assistant and interned at Merrill Lynch prior to 2014 season.

    He gets his pads down and leans forward. Has thick lower frame and large bubble generating lots of power.  He will lower shoulder and fight for yardage. He can be found in the gym. He also stiff arms and uses his speed to inflict power. He will make the 1st tackler miss and even 2nd and 3rd attempts. He shows patience getting to the hole and the second tier of defense. He explodes to the outside both digging foot in ground and turning up field. He is quick to speed up and get to top speed. He has good change of direction. Gordon shows willingness to block and take on larger defenders. He can catch out the back field. . He can play through pain and has stamina for late in games.

    Gordon will take a step back to get going from the backfield (bucket steps). Blocking is an issue as he does not bend his knees to deliver blows consistently. He does not put hands on defenders chest plate nor drive him away/off the ball. He does not block on the move. He needs to work on quarterback protection. Gordon does not display the ability to catch poorly thrown balls. He chops his steps in running routes and rounding cuts.

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  • Melvin Gordon

    Submitted by Kings Ramsom on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

    **Overall Summary**

    Good but not great inside runner, with similar jump cut, stiff arm, spin move, and ability to break tackles. Great A+ vision, insane acceleration, and great-elite speed makes him a huge home run threat anytime he bounces outside. Would be scary in a zone run scheme. Solid hands in receiving game along with great speed. Wasn’t utilized here like he could be.

    Awful pass protector. Doesn’t wow you running inside the tackles. Fumbling issue somewhat.

    Reminds me much more of Demarco Murray than Jamaal Charles.

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  • Scouting Report: Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin

    Submitted by Adam Bershad on Friday, February 20th, 2015



    • Breakaway burst, amazing speed first few steps
    • Sometimes great pass protection (week one, blows up player) but always willing
    • plays out wide
    • Can burst through holes
    • Can beat defender around edge
    • Makes good yardage up the hole for his weight
    • Will fight to stay up, good at breaking tackles at full speed
    • Great one way change of direction + burst
    • Stays up with play to block
    • Great size for position

    • Doesn’t consistently have long speed, ends up getting caught from behind when not much separation
    • Fumble issues

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  • Melvin Gordon Scouting

    Submitted by JHlava5 on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

    Pos: Explosive out of cuts, Freakish size/speed combo (6’1 about 210 with scary speed), Very good vision, Extremely productive, Smart/Patient runner follows blocks,

    Neg: Wisconsin system hasn’t put out elite Backs, not much of a receiver, could use his size more to his advantage

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    1. Tyler Mckenzie • March 13, 2015, at 2:14 pm

      JHlava5 Gordon doesn’t have the same wear and tear as the typical Wisconsin RB. so i don’t think that will be an issue

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