Noah Spence vs Michigan State (2013)

Created by Andrew Worstell on May 17, 2014

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  • Scouting Notes: Noah Spence vs Michigan State (2013)

    Submitted by Page on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

    • - Run - Starts in LB stance at DE, jolts TE with strong hands, sheds OT block, tackle at line. Success.
    • - Pass – Stutters and uses quick hands on OT, but can’t get past RT’s mirroring. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Great Jump off snap, out speeds OT to edge and gets outside of OT’s length. Success.
    • - Run - Stood up at line but maintains LOS, sheds and chases RB but is knocked down by FB. Neutral.
    • - Pass – 5 Tech, gets edge, slows down in effort to look for swat, pancakes OG.
    • - Pass – Untouched, doesn’t chase QB, sits looking for screen, which is not near him. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Pass is a boot to the other side, but you do see a good spin by Spence. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Gets off line quick but stops movement upon OT contact, gets pancaked. Loss.
    • - Pass – Easily rounds edge on LT who can’t even manage to get a hand on Spence. Success.
    • - Pass – Again, easily outruns LT to edge and bends to pocket. Pressure, Success.
    • - Pass – Good jump, chipped by RB on quick throw. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Terrific GO, first one off line. Dive-blocked by TE, but he catches himself with hand stays up.
    • - Run – Pursues and bends edge as though it is a pass play. Neutral.
    • - Run – Slow off line, hesitant, is driven downfield until he is pancaked. Loss.
    • - Run – 5 tech, blasts through hole w/ swim, takes self out of play. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Tries to do his speed rush, OT now able to stop him easily. Predictable. Loss.
    • - Pass – Versus RT, tackle looks for speed move (outside), Spence arm-overs inside. Nice play. Neutral.
    • - Run - Gets to edge and bends into running lane for TFL. Untouched. Success.
    • - Pass – slow off line but good acceleration after. Stutters, arm-overs for Pressure. Success.
    • - Run - Neutral.
    • - Pass – Fast GO, shoots through multiple blocks and squeeks past for pressure. CS excellent. Success.
    • - Pass – Tries to outspeed RT, punch knocks him off balance. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Neural.
    • - Run – Fires off ball, good hand usage, maintains line…gets in on tackle. Success.
    • - Run – Free off edge, misses RB’s legs on tackle attempt. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Mush-Rush.
    • - Pass – Good burst/closing speed on shovel pass. Neutral.
    • - Run – 5 tech. swims off line, no impact.
    • - Pass – Reads screen and stays at home. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Tries to over-arm on LOS, doubled and pancaked. Loss.
    • - Pass – Sprints off line towards outside, attempts inside spin. stuffed. Length gets him. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Fast GO, stuffed by LT, then stuffed by RB. Loss.
    • - Run – Driven from edge to sideline by blocker. Loss.
    • - Pass – Speed rush attempt, can’t bend back inside after OT punch knocks him out of pocket. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Pancaked on Stunt. NEEDS to develop speed-power. Loss.
    • - Pass – Slow GO, lets OT get inside on him, disengages and runs inside for pressure. Coverage Pressure.
    • - Pass – Too much playing at POA, OT reaches out with length, leaving moves irrelevant. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Fakes out-speed rush, stuffed on inside move. Needs to swim/spin out. Loss.
    • - Pass – Great GO, bends and dips en route to pressure. Success. Good speed.
    • - Run – Takes too long to disengage…RB runs out of his reach. Neutral.
    • - Run – pursues and bends edge as if it’s a pass. RB bursts through middle for TD. Neutral.

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