Noah Spence vs Penn State (2013)

Created by Andrew Worstell on May 12, 2014

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  • Scouting Notes: Noah Spence vs Penn State (2013)

    Submitted by Page on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

    • - Pass – Rounds edge untouched…chases Hackenberg from pocket to sideline. Effort. Neutral.
    • - Run - Blown 5 yards off line. Loss.
    • - Pass – Quick GO, stutters before engaging. Ball thrown before he engages. Neutral.
    • - Run - Standing up, pushed out of play by Jesse James. Loss.
    • - Run – Smith goes to chop, he swims quickly and dodges, wraps up runner TFL. Success.
    • - Pass – Fast off line, tries to get inside over guard, but is stonewalled. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Untouched, gets QB Pressure on quick screen.
    • - Run - TE’s length eats him up at first, but he disengages almost getting tackle. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Bites hard on PA, but shows excellent closing speed to chase after QB.
    • - Pass – Wide 9. Dips and bends under RT, good speed to get QB Pressure (d-line gets sack). Success.
    • - Pass – Fires off line, stutters, get’s stuffed by double on inside move. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Outspeeds LT to corner, RT towards QB for strip sack. Great athleticism and tech. Success.
    • - Pass – Weaves way through Line, arm-overs a head down Olineman, pressure. Success.
    • - Pass – Outspeeds RT at first, but OT catches and pushes him out of pocket. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Slow off snap, fakes outside, swims inside and beats OT, forces QB right. PressureSuccess.
    • - Run - 2 run plays ran away from him, but he chases nonetheless. Neutral.
    • - Run – Blown off line by James (again). Loss.
    • - Pass – untouched, almost swats screen. Neutral.
    • - Run - Tries to over-arm TE, but James’ length doesn’t allow for it. Pushed away. Loss.
    • - Pass – OT gets inside on him, but he disengages, makes progress towards QB. Neutral.
    • - Run - Bullied at Line by 3 guys. Loss.
    • - Run – Swims TE, but is knocked off balance afterwards by block. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Wide 9. Alignment and speed combo allows him to easily outrun RT to edge. QB Hit. Success.
    • - Pass – Wide 9, gets good jump, gets in too close on RT before using move. No length use. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Stuffed by Smith at LT, tries spin and run around to no avail. Loss.
    • - Run – maintains line well. Neutral.
    • - Run – Neutral.
    • - Run – Falls for draw as he runs the arc, leaving his lane wide open for run. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Uses length and rips RT down to generate some pressure on QB’s blindside. Success.
    • - Pass – Wide 9. Again does not use length allow for TE to keep him neutralized.
    • - Pass – Gets in tight again w/out using length but hand swat and bend gets him easy sack. Success.
    • - Run – Power through TE block for tackle. Success.
    • - Run – runs and chases untouched for tackle. Neutral.
    • - Run – Blown off line. Loss.
    • - Pass – Sheds and chases QB as ball is thrown. Good closing speed, no pressure. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Weak hands, but sheds and chases for Pressure. Success.
    • - Pass – Runs arc smoothly on RT. Neutral.
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