Noah Spence vs Wisconsin (2013)

Created by Andrew Worstell on May 14, 2014

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  • Scouting Notes: Noah Spence vs Wisconsin (2013)

    Submitted by Page on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

    • - Run - Neutral.
    • - Pass – Untouched, shows crazy speed to almost get to QB. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Quick GO, dive-blocked by Rb. Neutral.
    • - Run - Good Punch on OT, no impact on play. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Beats OT to edge, but can’t bend back into pocket. Overrun. Neutral.
    • - Run - Bullied by TE, almost falls down, but recovers for TFL (RB ran into him). Neutral.
    • - Pass – Stutters and tries to hit gap…stuffed. Tries to spin out, stuffed. Loss.
    • - Pass – beats LT off ball to start, dips under block to round edge. Win, but no pressure. Neutral.
    • - Run - Pancaked by TE after holding line at first. Loss.
    • - Run – Complacent at LOS. Neutral.
    • - Run – Free run off edge, but had no way of making a play on ball. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Slow off ball, but dips around corner allowing, getting past LT…almost got QB. Success.
    • - Pass – Mush-Rush. Neutral.
    • - Run - Uses length well. Held at LOS. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Great snap anticipation. Fires through LG-LT gap for Pressure. Success.
    • - Pass – Stays in contain. Tackles screen-catching RB.
    • - Run - Free off edge, takes wrong read, allowing run at his lane.
    • - Run – Fires through gap, loses balance. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Uses length well driving back OT, tries slow spin but is shut down. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Good Get-off, bends, swats hands dives but whiffs on QB. Pressure. Success.
    • - Pass – gets outside on OT, but can’t bend back in, pushed away (length). Makes effort play to work back to the ball, though.  Neutral.
    • - Pass – Slow go, but uses length, and arm-overs once the OT looks down. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Uses length to jolt OT off balance, runs around him for Pressure on QB. Success.
    • - Run – Takes on OT, sheds. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Slow off line, stutters…no impact on OT made. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Tries to hit gap, but is hit with  a punch that knocks him backwards. Loss.
    • - Run – Sheds on impact, chases RB across field. Success.  
    • - Run – hits wrong hole. out of play. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Fakes outer speedrush to start, throws spin inside, but is stopped half way through. too slow. Loss.
    • - Run – Holds LOS, tackle made right at him. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Contain. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Tries to outspeed RT, punch knocks him off balance and he slips. Loss.
    • - Pass – Can’t break free of OT’s block, but hand use was good. OT good mirroring. Neutral.
    • - Run – Handled by TE on run. Loss.
    • - Pass – Goes inside after slow GO, but loses balance after strong punch. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Okay GO, dips under LT but can’t round off his arc to get into pocket. OT pushes him away. Neutral.
    • - 2 Pass – Slow GO, stutters, uses hand-swats to make movement inward. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Stutters, swims LT, but LT recovers and anchors. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Neutral.
    • - Pass – Last guy off the line but has terrific arm-over, closing speed for QB Hit. Success.
    • - Pass – Stutters, drives, then has a lackadaisical spin, which is stopped. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Dips around LT, bends extremely well and gets hit on QB, who drags Spence until he can throw the ball away. Success.
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