Vic Beasley vs South Carolina (2013)

Created by Andrew Worstell on December 19, 2013

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  • Scouting Notes: Vic Beasley vs South Carolina (2013)

    Submitted by Page on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014


    First Half

    • - Pass – Quick GO, can’t dip under block. Neutral.
    • - Run - Bodied. Loss.
    • - Run – Slips on Read-Option but made the correct read. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Standing up, untouched at LOS, goes for swat. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Outruns LT to edge, but can’t bend enough to evade the block. Neutral.
    • - Run – No effort by Vic or the LT. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Tries to outspeed LT, slips and falls after quick punch by the Tackle. Loss.
    • - Pass – Eats two blocks, maintains LOS. Needs to Leg Drive. Neutral.
    • - Run - Bad Read on Read-Option, doesn’t show effort to recover. Neutral.
    • - Run – Shoots gap hard, eating 2 blockers. Frees up LBs for chasing. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Bends and runs arc, easily out running LT to QB for Pressure. Success.
    • - Pass – Stutters and tries to spin, but the OT catches him mid-way through. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Standing up, shoots gap hard, QB runs w/out pressure. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Gets running start against OG, progress stopped (Leg drive). Loss.
    • - Pass – Sits in middle of Defense and spies QB…almost tips ball. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Standing in middle, running untouched through A Gap for Pressure.
    • - Pass – Mush-rush. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Dips under block with exceptional bend and displays lower body/hip flexibility. Generates pressure, but QB runs for big gain. Success.
    • - Pass – Standing up. Dips under block again, but falls down after losing balance trying to bend the corner.
    • - Run – Takes multiple driving blocks, but eats them well, not losing any ground. Neutral.
    • - Pass – Fakes outer move, then runs inside forcing QB to scramble to left. PressureSuccess.
    • - Pass – Electric get off allows him to outrun LT virtually untouched… QB Sack/Strip. Success.
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