Why Marcus Martin Deserves More Attention

Written by Spencer on April 23, 2014


Martin’s best strength is (literally) his strength. He is built (and plays) like a brick wall. It starts from a very strong base, and goes all the way through his upper body. It is a rarity to see anybody win a strength battle against the center. This level of strength gives a huge advantage when asked to block a defender one on one, and it helps fuel speculation he could also contribute in the big leagues as a mauling guard. To add to this asset, Martin possesses top-tier balance and body control. It cannot be overstated how supreme Martin’s strength is, and how well it is incorporated into his style of play.

When called upon to clear lanes in the run game, Marcus Martin does not shy away. Whether at initial contact, or at the second level, the job is executed properly. Martin is able to maintain a degree of leverage that, with his strength, is a nasty combination that can give the opposing defender nightmares. In space, the young prospect can pick a defender, approach him, and obliterate him.

Here are some standout plays that showcase Martin’s strengths:



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